"Throughout my travels and encounters, I’ve learned that decoration, like imagination, is limitless. I’ve also discovered a motto that I carry with me on every project: the impossible is not possible." Kamyar Moghadam

Fashion for Floors. Behind this brand, which today is highly appreciated for its quality, the beauty of its products and its professionalism, lies an incredibly exciting story. After many years of twists, fabulous and unexpected experiences in the field of interior design, Fashion for Floors and its qualified technicians and designers are delighted to welcome you in their Showroom, to share their passion with you.

Interior design for tens of years, reinvented again and again for you...


In the 1970s, Princess Grace of Monaco allowed Alexander Moghadam to open a Persian rug shop at 23 Boulevard des Moulins, making this Monegasque address the place-to-be for lovers of Persian rugs. The Galarie Moghadam thus became the Official Supplier to the Palace of Monaco.

The saga

Several decades later, mixing his expertise in fashion acquired at Parson’s School of Design with his family’s experience in Persian rugs, Kamyar Moghadam, opened an entirely original concept: Fashion For Floors. On the same street as his father, he invested in the hôtel particulier that would go on to house some of the biggest names in luxury, and in turn made 39 Boulevard des Moulins the meeting place for the best in interior design and true lovers of decoration.

The legend

An influencer long before social media, Kamyar Moghadam has launched timeless collections of rugs over the years, keeping in step with trends while meeting his clients’ every desire. Like a couturier, he brings his creations to life in his workshops in India and Nepal, highlighting the ancestral savoir-faire of the skilled hands that design, knot and assemble these uniquely destined rugs. A beautiful way to rewrite the story of the warm, inviting colours encountered in both the past and the imagination.